How to look a girl more smart, beautiful and feel fresh

Every girl or women wants to keep herself fresh and beautiful. There are some girls naturally seem beauty and  some take makeup.  But either you naturally beauty or take makeup, it is important to keep your beauty and freshness for a long time. There are numerous ways to enhance your beauty and freshness for a long time. Follow  these tips below:

Hair care and style: Have a party, meeting or dating! You must have to go outside. In outside when a man look toward you (from near or far, in front or back), at first his eyes fall onto your hair. A good hair style and healthy hair help you 50% to look you beauty and freshness. Always try to keep your hair neatly groomed. Wash your hair every two days with warm to lukewarm water by using organic shampoo and conditioner. Brush your hair at least two times in a day or whenever needed. You also may enjoy a cut your hair with layers. But be sure your hairstyle looks beautiful and cute.

Lips care and style: Make your lips more smooth, extra kissable and sensual pout by using chopsticks or lipstick with nutrient lip balms especially during the winter. Try to avoid smoking but always drink plenty of water to prevent your lips from cracking, exfoliate and moisturize. To give your lips a natural luminance, you can also use clear lip glosses.

Shape your eyebrows: Shape your eyebrows properly and keep them tidy and nicely arched by using plucking, waxing or threading techniques; brush them with adequate eyebrow brushes that make your eyes appear bigger and completely transfigure your face, making you look beautiful and fabulous even without makeup. You can do it by yourself at home. But if you don’t have enough skilled to do it, you can shape them professionally from a beautician or in any beauty salon.

Eyes care and style: Eyes are called the “Mirror of the soul.” So fetch focus to your eyes for a night out or any special occasion. Just add a touch of shimmer or neutral color on your eyelid. To make your eyes pop, add a neutral color like brown or camel to your lower lid, if you wear a bold red or pink lipstick. But if your lips are nude, you may choose a dark gray for a smoky eye. To bing diversity you may add a brightens shade of shadow with a cream color or beige color under the eyebrow. But remember, you must style or makeup your eyes with the combination of your eye's lens, lipstick and dress you are wearing.

Wear light makeup: Normal skin usually looks and feels smooth but there is no secret that makeup can transfigure your appearance. Just take a slight makeup by matching your skin tone with Mascara, Powder, Concealer, wear lip gloss, Nail polish and Eyes shadow. Remember do not let your makeup match what you are wearing because this is tacky.  It is better to wear all this in during the day. When you get home, you must take off your makeup to let your skin breathe.

Nails care and style: Nothing is nicer than a set of well manicured nails. Fingernails are very important in your appearance. Keep your nails nice by clipping them once per week and  must clean your nails everyday by using a brush. You can also paint your nails with an incredibly unique design by using a qualitiful nail polish.

Take skin care: Regularly wash your face, hand and legs with warm water and facial cleaner every morning (after you wake up), at night (before you go to sleep) and  whenever you come back from outside. After washing always use facial moisturizer and body lotion to keep your skin smooth and glowing appearance. To protect your skin from harmful ultra violet rays of the sun, use a facial sunscreen every time you go out, even on cloudy days.

Wear the dresses: Your personality be revealed what dresses you wear.  Always try to wear a single colored or pastel fashionable dress like pink, blue, white, orange, gray, brown, purple, yellow, light green, black etc as you like. This will make you look gentle and innocent.
Eat healthy foods:  Always try to eat healthier foods like fresh fruits, fish and vegetables. You can also choose such foods that contain lower fat, sugar and calories but not empty calories. Don’t overeat.  Try to avoid unhealthy foods like fried food, potato chips, cookies, cakes, pizzas, greasy hamburgers and other similar bad food.

Drink healthy liquids: Drink a lot of pure water (at least 8 glasses of water a day). Water helps you to keep your skin hydrated and also flushes away the toxins out of your body. Try to avoid smoking and caffeinated drinks or sugar sweetened carbonated beverages, as well as alcohol or coffee.
Proper sleeping: To appear you more fresh and look beautiful make sure at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep a night. Getting 7 to 8 hours of sleep is a major factor contributing to how fresh and look beautiful you are. Remember insufficiency of sleep at night will make your skin seem tired, dull and older-looking.

Take exercise: If you have a good physical fitness, naturally you look so smart and beautiful. So take exercise at least 20 or 30 minutes per day and 3 to 5 times per week. There are some best exercise for your physical fitness like running, walking/jogging, swimming, jumping rope, yoga etc. You also use some home baseexercise equipment like stationary bike, treadmills, elliptical trainers etc.

Reduce stress, Keep confidences: There are many various reasons of stress like your career and family responsibilities etc. Stress provides a bad effect on your face. So try to identify your true sources of stress. Try to identify control your thoughts, emotions, habits, attitude and keep confident yourself. Because self confidence helps you to increase your self esteem and become more self aware, also help you reach your greatest potential. This way you will always look more beautiful and fresh.

Smile and Be Friendly: There no alternative to look you more beautiful and fresh like Smile. “The more you smile, the more beautiful and fresh you look.” Remember our face always reflects from our inner state of being. So when you smile; smile in the deep of your heart. As a result you feel better about your life and others.  Try to always maintain a perfect warm smile and friendly demeanor to all that make you more attractive, appear radiant, beautiful and fresh.

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